Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Take It Off The E-String, Put It On The G-String!

A great description of Burlesque and its purpose...

Excerpt from the Zanesville Signal May 30, 1943 (author uncredited):

•Its Comic Clowns, Luscious Lassies and Robust
Humor are Perfect Antidotes for War-Time Stress

OLD - FASHIONED burlesque—the real burlesque—jovial, carefree, robustious, with all its elements of unrestrained whoopee, is enjoying an unprecedented revival in cities and small towns all over the country during these desperate war days. And, in its own rollicking fashion, it is doing its part to help win the war by providing relaxation and enjoyment to thousands of workers in all branches of industry. Just what is old-fashioned burlesque?

It is girl-and-music-and fun entertainment, with the accent on high spirits, uproarious comedy, unabashed belly-laughter! It is a generous mixture of clowns, gayly tantalizing

songs, time-honored jokes that always seem fresh and funny to each new audience—and girls,

girls, girls! The more of them the merrier—and the more beautiful, of course, the better! Its most distinguishing feature, barring the beautiful girls, is its naivete, its almost childlike exuberance

and its unashamed effort to take nothing seriously."

So don't forget your roots, burlesquers.
Make 'em laugh.
The audience deserves to have even more fun than you're having.