Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Spirit of Jennie Lee

As this big burlesque weekend approaches, I know a lot of people are dealing with high levels of emotion, and recent events are making a lot of those emotions even higher. But WHEREVER you may be this weekend: whatever show you may be attending or performing at, whether you're a burlesque performer, enthusiast, or producer, I urge you all to do one thing: carry with you the spirit of Jennie Lee. This weekend was founded on her mission to bring burlesque artists together. To gain strength from each-other, and build on each-others' successes. To share stories, laughs, skills and good times, and to protect each-other from harm. Competition isn't a bad thing. It can challenge us to become better people, stronger and more committed artists. But my challenge to you is this: shake off your fears and inhibitions, unite with your sisters (and brothers) of burlesque this weekend and share in Jennie Lee's spirit of acceptance, camaraderie and support. Make new burlesque friends, and cherish the old. Learn, grow and have a fantastic time. Do that, and you'll really be bowling a strike for the Bazoom Girl!

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